Thursday, January 5, 2012

Basics of Eclipse
How to create new java project  new package & new class in Eclipse ??

I hope to describe step by step developing new java project, package & new class in this tutorial. 

After downloading the Eclipse   SDK 3.7.1 .zip folder as described in my first tutorial first unzip it.
(Click here to read my first tutorial if you didn't.)
Then double click the eclipse.exe to open the IDE.


Then choose a work space. Workspace is a folder which stores our project files.


After selecting a Workspace click OK.
In the opening Welcome window click on Workbench.


Then select File > New > Java Project to create new java project.

In the Create a Java Project window specify a project name as you want.


No need to change other settings at the moment.
Then click finish.

Click New toolbar option. Then select Package because we need to store classes in a package.Remember that  there are also another alternatives to create new package.

Give appropriate package name.

Click Finish to create new package. A package is like a folder which contains classes of the project.

Finally we want to create a class. To do that again click on New toolbar option. Then select Class.

Specify class name in Create a new java class window. In my case I give a class name the class as HelloWorld. You can give any name as you want. First letter of a class must be capital.

No need to change other default settings. Finally click finish to finalize class creation.
Finally you can see the created class.

In my next tutorial I hope to develop this class to demonstrate basic concepts of  java.

Thank You !!!

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